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Ignazio Capizzi
Antonino Cairone
Nicola Spedalieri
Pietro Graziano Calanna
Giuseppe Saitta
Arcangelo Spedalieri
Placido De Luca
Antonino Saverio De Luca
Gesualdo De Luca
Antonino Luca, surveyor
Benedetto Radice, historical
Enrico Cimbali, jurist
Giuseppe Cimbali
Eduardo Cimbali
Giuseppe Salanitri
Vincenzo Schiliṛ
Mario Lupo
Antonino Marcantonio
Giuseppe Grassi
Rosetta Zingale, painter
Antonino Radice
Nunzio Sciavarrello
Pasquale Spaṇ
Nicola Lupo 
Lino Ciraldo
Gino Schiliṛ, pediatrician
Mimmo Girbino, sculptor

The Parlamentarians

Bronte's lord mayors

Municipal Council

In an epoch indifferent to the memory of great men, we aim, with these pages, to remember the illustrious figures of our fellow-citizens and, especially, to honor and to recall the best children of the Town from the oblivion of the past.

Especially from 1700 to 1800, our Bronte was fecund of illustrious personalities, a crowd of "select intel­ligences" formed in the great forge of Sicilian learning which, in those centuries, the Capizzi College had become and that gave:

Illustriuos prelates: monsignor Giuseppe Saitta, cardinal Antonino Saverio De Luca,

notoriously pious men and benefactors: venerable Ignazio Capizzi, Brother Tommaso Schiros, P. Tommaso Pittalà, Father Antonino Uccellatore (Father Purgatory), Giovanni Piccino, Pietro Graziano Calanna, priest, donna Maria Scafiti, Giuseppe Prestianni, priest Giuseppe Salanitri, priest Antonino Marcantonio, ...

philosopher and freelance journalists: Nicola Spedalieri (the best known), Vincenzo Saverio Raimondi, Gesualdo De Luca, Benedetto Radice, Vincenzo Schiliṛ, Antonio Radice

Latin poets: Vincenzo Scafiti, Biagio Caruso, Francesco Gatto, Vincenzo Schiliṛ

jurists and economists: Filadelfio Artale, Antonino Cairone, Placido De Luca, Enrico, Eduardo e Giuseppe Cimbali

famous medical doctors: Arcangelo Spedalieri, Giuseppe Grassi, Gino Schiliṛ

«No doubt, with those here mentioned, it is not exhausted the catalogue of the  remarkable individuals, that our town has produced. But here we could only mention those which, being expressed in their works, could, more or less, become public figures.

The others, great on their own, or great for the limited parochial environment, except a vague memory between our fellow citizens, did not leave to us any titles showing their greatness.»

(Giuseppe Cimbali, "Nicola Spedalieri publicist of the XVIII° century", 1888).

Bronte's families, genealogies, and surnames evolution

by Nunzio Longhitano

Illustrious men of Bronte

Some "Illustrious men of Bronte" are represented in a large canvas of the painter brontese Agostino Attinà (Bronte 1841 -- 1893).
The painting, defined from Giuseppe Cimbali a "patriotic idea", is placed on the wall in front of the main steps of the Real Capizzi college. It was wanted in 1874 by the Rector Of The Capizzi College, father Giuseppe Di Bella.

A conceited description, placed in bass in the picture, reads:
"Plaeclaros hos viros brontenses, qui vel sanctitate scientiis, literis, vel humanitatis studio praestiterunt, ut eorum imagines rituendo ad egregias virtutes excolendas, alumnorum animus magis accenderetur / Hujus collegii rector Joseph Bella, una depingi tabula merito ac sapienter curavit. Augustinus Attinà pinxit anno domini 1874".

"Illustrious men of Bronte" of the painter brontese Agostino Attinà


       Translated by Sam Di BellaITALIAN VERSION

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