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Il verde-smeraldo del pistacchio appena raccolto
Pistcchio spaccato (rottame)
Pistacchio spellato

Bronte's Pistachio

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«Bronte's gold»

The green pistachio of Bronte for its flavor and the excellent, perceptible qualities  has always been the prince  of confectionery and  sausages industry.

Besides the well known «pistachio cake» (produced with Spanish bread, often stuffed with  chocolate or peanut butter that go well with the taste of the fruit), and the lovely; «pistachio pastry» (done with the same  procedure used to make almond cakes) are becoming popular the «crushed pistachio» (made with just pistachio and vegetable oil, more delicate than olive oil whose strong flavor would cover the taste of the fruit), the «pistachio cream» (a sweet cream to spread on a slice of bread or use to decorate sweets) and the pistachio «filletta» (traditional brontese sweet enriched by the precious fruit).

But besides its use in confectionery, the pistachio of  Bronte finds evermore a valid application also in the kitchen, where enriches and heightens with new flavors  the  variegated gamma of Sicilian recipes.

The recipes that we offer in these pages belong to the brontese tradition and to the original and very tasty preparations by  well known  brontese confectioners, from the book by Irene Faro “Pistachio between History and  Kitchen” (Center Studies Europe 2000, 1991), from “I Mille Menu" (F.lli Fabbri Editori, 1972) and from other publications.


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The recipes (italian version)The recipes (italian version)

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