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50 Recipes with «Bronte's gold»

Tartare sauce, risotto, lasagne


The Sicilians, are great pasta eaters and don't think rice would have much nutritional value.

"Risu quantu mi isu" (rice just until I get up) the Sicilians say, but with this pistachio risotto there is no getting up!

Ingredients for 4 persons: 300 gr. of rice; some soup; 100 gr. of pistachios; one small glass of cognac; 50 gr. of grated Swiss cheese, 50 gr. of grated Parmesan cheese; half onion; a quarter of milk cream; 80 gr. of butter.

Boil the pistachios for 10 minutes.
Then remove the skin and crush one third  of them leaving the rest whole.

In a saucepan toast the rice with the onion, with half the butter and the whole pistachio; add the cognac, the pistachio cream, the broth and sufficient salt.

When the cooking is finished, add the cheeses, the rest of the butter  and mix thoroughly everything.


Ingredients for 4-6 persons:
30 pistachios, 3 gloves of garlic, 1 slice of  soaked bread,  sufficient oil  (70-80 gr.), vinegar as liked, very little water, salt, a little pepper.

Crush the pistachios and the garlic in a mortar.

Pour them in a bowl, add the bread crumb well squeezed and the salt, the pepper and the vinegar.

Start then to pour, little by little, the oil. Keep on working the mix with a wooden spoon until the mix  shall become clear and creamy.

This sauce  goes very well  with any chicken meat dish and, above all, with fish.


(for 4 persons)
Ingredients: 250 gr. of  minced beef, 200 gr. of pistachio flour, 100 gr. of melting cheese, half an onion, 500 gr. of butter, 100 gr. Parmesan cheese, 500 gr. of béchamel, 250 gr. of  lasagne.

Mince finely the onion and  brown it in a saucepan with 70 gr. of butter; when it is withered, add the minced meat and some salt, sprinkle  with wine and leave on the fire until the base of cooking shall be totally dried up.

Butter well a baking tin, proceed to the preparation of the lasagne alternating  pasta and meat sauce, béchamel and pistachio flour. Bake in the oven at 180° for 30/40 minutes. 

 Pistachio pesto, spaghetti, farfalle


Ingredients: one bunch of basil, one bunch of parsley, 50 grams pistachios, 20 grams pine nuts, 30 grams toasted almonds, olive oil, 30 grams parmesan, salt and pepper.

In a blender, puree the pistachios, pine nuts, toasted almonds, parmesan and a handful each of parsley and basil. Add as much olive oil as needed, along with salt and pepper. Blend until it forms a smooth paste.

This pesto goes well with penne pasta, spaghetti and gnocchi.


Tignosella e "garìgghiu" (pistacchio di Bronte con guscio e senza)(for 4 persons)

crushed  pistachio, fresh ricotta, nutmeg.

Bring to preferred cooking the farfalle (butterfly shaped pasta), at the same time  amalgamate well 300 gr. of fresh ricotta with 90 gr. of crushed pistachio and a little nutmeg, drain the pasta leaving a little broth, mix everything and serve the pasta decorated with a sprinkling of granulated pistachio.


Ingredients for four people:
500 grams dried spaghetti, 25 grams walnuts, 50 grams pine nuts, two cloves of garlic, several sprigs of parsley, half a glass of olive oil, salt.

Using a pestle and mortar, grind the walnuts with the pine nuts and pistachios into a paste.

Chop the parsley and the garlic, and sauté in half the olive oil.

Add the nut paste and the salt, and continue to sauté until lightly cooked. Stir in the remaining olive oil, and several spoonfuls of boiling water.

Pour this sauce over cooked, al dente spaghetti.


Pistacchio pelatoIngredients for 4 persons:
400 gr. of spaghetti, basil, garlic, toasted pine-seeds, pistachios, almonds, Parmesan cheese, sheep's cheese, salt.

prepare the pistachio to be crushed in a mortar or in the blender with all the ingredients, add sufficient olive oil  and mix everything well.

Boil the spaghetti in well salted boiling water, When the spaghetti are ready add the mixture and stir.

Serve fairly hot adding a  handful of minced pistachios.

Penne, pennette, fusilli and pistachio


Ingredients for four people: 300 grams small, shelled prawns, 1 green zucchini sliced into matchsticks and lightly sautéed, a handful of chopped pistachios, 6 cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper, white wine, basil or parsley, 1 clove of garlic, chilli pepper flakes, penne pasta.

Heat the olive oil, garlic, chili flakes, basil or parsley in a pan.

Add the prawns and continue to cook for several minutes, letting all the flavours infuse. Add a splash of white wine, and let the liquid evaporate.

Add the tomatoes and continue to cook for around five minutes.

At the end, add the zucchini.

Toss cooked, al dente penne pasta in the prawn sauce, and sprinkle with the chopped pistachios.


(For 4 persons)
Ingredients: 500 gr. of pennette, 150 gr. of crushed pistachio, 100 gr. of ham, 200 ml. of kitchen cream, 50 ml. of full milk, 1/2 medium onion, 50 gr. of butter.

Preparation: brown the onion in butter, add the ham in small dices  until completely brown, complete the sauce adding first the crushed  pistachio and immediately after adding the cream, making it cook for five minutes, boil the pennette in plenty of water, drain them slightly underdone and  sauté them in a saucepan.

Serve the pasta with a sprinkling of pistachio finely minced.


Ingredients for 6 persons:
gr. 500 of pennette,  250 gr. of cream, 50 gr. of pistachios finely minced, 50 gr. of pistachios roughly minced, 50 gr. of ham or bacon, one medium onion, 50 gr. of butter.

cut the onion and the ham and brown them with butter; blend well the the cream with the finely minced pistachio and add to the sauté.

Boil the pennette in plenty of boiling water, drain them slightly underdone and  and mix them with the sauce already prepared.

Serve the pennette fairly hot and sprinkle  each portion with the remaining  minced pistachio.


Ingredients for 6 persons: 600 gr. of pennette, 150 gr. of crushed pistachio, one half onion, a slice of ham or bacon, 400 gr. of kitchen cream, minced pistachio. Brown the onion, add the ham or bacon cut in small dices, pour in the cream and the crushed pistachio.
Sauté in a saucepan the pennette already drained. Sprinkle the them with the rest of the minced pistachio.


Ingredients for 4 persons: 500 gr. of fusilli, 100 gr. of pistachios, 1/4  liquid cream, a pinch of marjoram, 50 gr. of butter, grated Parmesan, salt and pepper.

Crush the pistachios and the garlic in a mortar to obtain an homogeneous compound.

Put it in a bowl, and pour, little by little, the liquid cream, salt and pepper the sauce and then add the marjoram.

Cook the fusilli in plenty of boiling water, dress at once with the melted golden butter and enough grated Parmesan cheese, add the pistachio sauce, blend everything and serve.

Salmon, meat, cutlets, roulades, ...


Ingredients for 4 persons: 
four slices of salmon of about 200 gr. each, juice of half a lemon, salt, white pepper, 2 onions, 50 gr. of butter or margarine, 6 spoonful of of broth, a laurel leave.

For the sauce: a stale bread roll, 3 spoonful of milk, 125 gr. of skinned pistachios, a glove of garlic, 2 spoonful of water, a little scratch of nutmeg, salt, 2 spoonful of vinegar, 2 spoonful of oil, a pinch of sugar, an egg yolk, 2 spoonful of cream.

To garnish: some tufts of parsley.

Dip the salmon slices for an instant in water and dry them, sprinkle them with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Peel the onions and mince them finely.

Melt the butter or the margarine in a oven proof dish and throw inside the onions and let them brown for 5 minutes.

Place then the salmon slices on the onions and sprinkle it with hot broth.

Add the laurel and make everything cook for 15 minutes at moderate fire and in a covered container.

For the sauce, remove the crust from the bread roll, put it in a bowl, cover it with the milk and make it soften. Put the  pistachios with skinned garlic in the blender and and make it mash.

Squeeze the softened bread roll and mix it with the mashed pistachio.

Add the nutmeg, a good pinch of salt, the vinegar, the oil, the sugar, the egg yolk with cream after blending them in a cup. Remove the laurel leave, pour the sauce on the fish and put it, uncovered, on the second shelf of the already hot oven.

Make it cook au gratin for 10 minutes at 240°, then serve it on the same cooking container garnished with tufts of parsley.

Pistacchio sgusciato


Ingredients for 6 persons: 900 gr. of veal filet, 100 gr. of fresh bread crumbs, 100 gr. toasted bread crumbs, 100 gr. of grated Parmesan cheese, minced parsley, min­ced garlic, oregano, pennyroyal, 200 gr. minced pistachio, olive oil, sufficient salt.

Preparation: dip the slices of veal filet  in the olive oil wetting them on both sides and put them in a very deep tin.

Put together pistachios, bread crumbs, spices and Par­mesan, stir everything and cover the slices of filet.

Put in oven at 250° for eight minutes.

Serve with a side dish of salad or mushrooms.


(for 4 Persons)
Involtini di vitello al pistacchio di BronteIngredients:
15 ml. of oil, 450 gr. of lean stew meat , 100 gr. onions, 225 gr. of boletus mushrooms, 100 gr. of wild fennel , 200 ml. of vegetable  broth, 15 gr. of flour, 50 gr. of Bronte's pistachios, 1 small bunch of aromatic herbs, salt and pepper, 1 glass of red wine.

Mince the onions. Clean and slice the mushrooms and brown them for 5 minutes with the meat cut in little cubes,  in a saucepan with oil, until they become slightly colored.

Add the fennel, washed and minced. Pour the red wine, evaporate it, wet with the broth, scent with the aromatic herbs, salt and pepper.

Cover and bake in moderate oven at  180° for one and a half hour.

Dissolve the flour in little water, pour it in the saucepan together with the pistachios cleaned and roughly minced  and put it again in the oven for another 15 minutes.

Serve the preparation with boiled potatoes, carrots and selected green vegetables.


fresh, soft cheese*, sliced sandwich bread, prosciutto cotto (sliced cooked ham), mortadella (processed, cooked ham) studded with pistachios**, 1 onion, chopped and sautéed, 1 raw onion, salt, pepper, finely chopped pistachios, 1-2 freshly beaten eggs, olive oil, veal cutlets, fresh bread crumbs, bay leaves.

Mix together the cheese, the bread, the prosciutto and the mortadella, half of the chopped pistachios, the sautéed, chopped onion, salt and pepper.

Moisten and bind the mixture with some olive oil and beaten eggs.

Lay out the veal cutlets, and sprinkle them with the rest of the finely chopped pistachios.

Place some of the cheese and ham filling on each cutlet.

Roll them up carefully, and thread onto skewers, alternating the veal with bay leaves and pieces of onion.

Dip the skewers in olive oil, and then in the bread crumbs.

Cook them gently on a charcoal grill and serve piping hot.

* Use a cheese which is not very salty, such as fresh ricotta.

** Substitute with more prosciutto cotto


Ingredients for six people:
400 grams swordfish, 100 grams gruviera (Italian gruyere) cheese, 50 grams pine nuts, 50 grams pistachios, 50 grams sultanas, 30 grams cleaned, chopped anchovies, 200 grams bread crumbs, 2 large onions, the juice of 2 lemons, the juice of 2 oranges, salt, pepper, lemon lea­ves, additional bread crumbs for coating the fish.

Cut the swordfish into square pieces weighing roughly 20g each.

Put to one side any leftover scraps of meat. Flatten the squares with a meat mallet, being careful not to tear the meat.

Lay them out on a dry surface. Finely chop one of the onions, and sauté with the anchovies, any scraps of swordfish meat, the pine nuts and sultanas, for five minutes.

Lightly toast the bread crumbs, and then chop them with the pista­chios.

Combine these to the cheese, the sautéed mixture and add a pinch of pepper and salt.

Bind it all together with the lemon and orange juices. Distribute this mixture between the pieces of swordfish, and roll up the slices of meat.

Lightly moisten the roulades with a splash of olive oil, then dip them in the additional bread crumbs. Thread them onto metal skewers, alter­nating with the lemon leaves and pieces of onion.

Cook them in a hot grill pan or on a barbeque for fifteen minutes.


Ingredients for four people:
Carne con pistacchio in una macelleria di Bronte1 large slice of veal shoulder, weighing 700 grams, 200 grams minced veal, 100 grams prosciutto crudo (salt-cured ham), 1 egg, half a glass milk, 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs, one small apple, peeled and grated, 30 shelled pistachios with their papery purple skins removed, a glass of marsala, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon butter, salt and pepper.

Chop the prosciutto and mix it with the minced veal, 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs, the egg, the milk, the pistachios, the grated apple, lots of salt and several tablespoons of freshly grated black pepper.

Place the filling upon the piece of veal, roll it up and secure it with kitchen string.

Heat the olive oil in a large, deep pot, then add the piece of veal, turning it occasionally to brown it all over.

Season with salt and pepper, drizzle over the marsala, and cook over low heat for an hour and a half, occasionally adding a spoonful of hot water.

Slice the hot veal roulade and serve.

The recipes (italian version)The recipes (italian version)

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