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Bronte's Pistachio

The 18nth Pistachio Feast

from September 29nth to October 7nth, 2007

For many past years, late in September or early in October, in Bronte there has been a Pistachio Feast, which has been growing and getting better year after year. But this year’s celebrations have beaten every record.
The number of people coming to Bronte from all over the province, to participate in the Feast, has been exceptional. During the weekends the crowd was so thick you couldn’t even move.

Pistacchio, gemma in fase di apertura Pistacchio, fioritura del maschio Pistacchio di Bronte (Agosto-Settembre anni dispari)

Crepes con gelato al pistacchio di Bronte: un successo!What characterized this feast was the awarding given for several contests: for the best looking shop windows, the more beautiful lights, the best stand, the more delicious dessert or ice cream, the best cook of pistachio flavored meals and so on. To reward the winners of the Miss Etna competition was the Lord Major senator Firrarello, with the alderman Melo Salvia and the deputy Lord Major Nunzio Calanna.

The winners were the twenty years old Roberta Proietto Billorello from Randazzo and the sixteen years old Angela Vecchio from Fiumefreddo.La consegna della targa all'Associazione Bronte Insieme

Both extremely beautiful and absolutely lovely. Also the splendid Silvia Longhitano, fifteen years old from Bronte won the band of «Miss photogenes».Targa consegnata all'Ass. Bronte Insieme

But some of the various bands won by all the other participating girls were given by Nino Liuzzo and Sam (Salvatore) Di Bella who represented, with Franco Cimbali, the Association «Bronte Insieme».

In occasion of the feast, the Muni­cipal Administration has chosen to thank and reward the Association with a plate «for the constant activity of cultural promotion of the city of Bronte».

The Feast goes on with the prize giving of an extem­pore painting exhibition, the flag-waving per­formers and the band of Motta Sant'Anastasia.

Then there shall be the tasting of the great pistachio cake.

Senator Firrarello and the regional alder­man to agri­culture Giovanni La Via, shall cut the first slice of this forty meters long cake, made by Bronte’s con­fectioners, and that shall be divided and offered to all visitors.

At the end of all evening shows the Feast shall be closed with a series of impressive fireworks.

The Pistachio Feast (italian version)

Te Pistachio feast

2009/La festa - 2008/'U diamanti virdi

Pistacchio di Bronte, la raccolta Pistacchio di Bronte, la smallatura
Il verde-smeraldo del pistacchio di Bronte Il pistacchio č pronto per essere insaccato
La filletta al pistacchio Le crepes di pistacchio Il gelato di pistacchio
Negli stand della Sagra del pistacchio Negli stand della Sagra del pistacchio

Translated by Sam Di Bella

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