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50 Recipes with «Bronte's gold»

Dome, biscuits, nougat, ...with Bronte's pistachio

Dome of pistachio

4 eggs, 2 spoonfuls of   rum, 150 gr. of bar chocolate, a glass of sugar, half a glass of water, a handful of pistachio.
Melt the chocolate in a Bain Marie.

Pour in a small saucepan the sugar and the water and make it boil until, throwing a drop of sugar on a saucepan full of water, a little ball is formed. 

Join the chocolate syrup mixing rather quickly.
Take the cream from the fire, pour the rum on it and let it cool down.

Beat the albumens to snow and add them to the cream, pour it on the serving dish shaping it as a dome, put on the top the pistachios peeled and minced and place in the refrigerator  until ready to serve.

Small pistachio biscuits

Crush some unpeeled pistachio together wit an equal weight of sugar, flavor with cinnamon, clove, grated lemon peel and mix with sufficient albumen to create a soft and consistent paste.

Whishing to add flour, the right proportion would be: with  500 gr. of pistachios, 100 gr. of flour.

The biscuits  should be baked in a mild oven.

To beautify such small sweets with aspro (from the Greek- Byzantine aspros, white) beat an albumen with 200 gr. of sugar and lemon juice.

When it becomes very white cover the sweets with it  and bake at a very mild oven.

Pistachio cream by Norman Douglas

Peel 250 gr. of pistachio, by immersing for some seconds, in boiling water and crush it in the mortar with a small spoonful of cognac. put the paste in a container with half a liter of cream and two well beaten egg yolks.

Slowly mix it, over a mild fire, until the mixture becomes dense, but making sure not to bring it to boil.

Pour this cream  in a deep tray and when it gets cold  strew the surface with other pistachios cut in largish slivers.

This cream is useful to people with a cool temperament.

Turkish turban a la Triboulet

500 gr. of pistachio, 250 gr. of castor sugar, 15 eggs, 250 gr. of flour, some grated green lemon peel.
For the glazing: 2 albumens, 200 gr. of icing sugar.

Mush in the mortar the pistachios  with the sugar, the egg yolks and the lemon peel until you have a a smooth and creamy  mixture: whip the albumens to snow and add them to the mixture, then. while mixing delicately, add, very slowly, the flour.

Pour the mixture  in a well buttered  mould and cook in the oven at a low flame for about 2 hours.
The sweet  shall visibly rise.

When has cooled down completely, cover it with a glazing prepared this way: Whip the two albumens adding, slowly and delicately, 200 gr. of icing sugar.

With one half of this mixture garnish  a part of the sweet, put few drops of carmine food coloring  in the remaining cream and decorate the rest of the sweet.

Pistachio pastry

1 Kg. of pistachio, 1 Kg. of sugar, 50 gr. of honey, l grated lemon peel  and 8 albumens.

Mix together the finely minced pistachio, the sugar and the honey, add then the 8 albumens  and the grated lemon peel.

Form  some small balls to put in a slightly buttered tin and place in oven at 180-200° for about 20 minutes.

The pastries can be covered with fused chocolate.

Pistacchio pelato
Pistacchio sgusciato
Panetti di pasta di pistacchio
Un trionfo di gola

Pistachio Sweets

PISTACHIO NOUGAT1 Kg. of pistachio peeled and minced, 900 gr. of sugar 100 gr. of honey, 5 albumens whipped to snow.

Preparation: mix and knead the  ingredients, form biscuits with the hands or with a confectioner syringe and place them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 160°-170°.

Pancakes with pistachio cream

(For 4 persons)
6 pancakes 15 cm in diameter, a small jar of pistachio cream (200 gr.), 100 gr. of minced pistachio, icing sugar.

Preparation: prepare the pancakes with your personal recipe, Strew the pistachio cream.

Fold the pancakes and sprinkle them with the minced pistachio and the icing sugar.

Pistachio brittle

Ingredients  for 4 persons:
PISTACHIO NOUGAT120 gr. of pistachio, 100 gr. of castor sugar.

Peel the pistachios and cut them horizontal or vertical filets.

Put the pistachio so cut to the fire to get them dry until they become yellow but not toasted.

Put the sugar on the fire in a saucepan and when it shall be thoroughly liquefied pour in the hot pistachio and mix with care.

The precise point of cooking, beyond which the brittle shall become bitter, is shown by the color of cinnamon acquired by the sugar caramel.

Then pour it, little by little, on any mould slightly oiled  and press it with a lemon against the mould walls. Take it off the mould when cold.

Pistachio nougat

(For 6 persons)
500 gr. of honey, 4 egg albumen, 150 gr. of hazelnut, 150 gr. of almonds, 150 gr. of pistachio, icing sugar.

Preparation: heat in a Bain Marie the honey at low fire, mix evenly, add the albumens whipped to snow and stir for few minutes.

Add the almonds, the hazelnuts and the pistachios previously roughly minced, amalgamate everything with care.

Take it from the fire and pour it on a mould previously sprinkled with icing sugar.

Wait for a day before taking the nougat from the mould.

The recipes (italian version)The recipes (italian version)

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