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Placa Bajana farmhouse

Church of St. Michael of Placa Bajana

The S. Michele church of Placa Bajana or Placa Tower was located at few kilometres from Bronte, in the ancient Casale di Placa Bajana on the banks of the river Simeto.

Nowadays of the old building, used as a deposit by an agricultural enterprise, remains only the walls and the characteristic red façade; few decades ago has disappeared also the ancient lava stone portal, literally torn off and stolen at night.

We rely, for the church’s description, to the words of the historian of Bronte Benedetto Radice.

“The little church is located alongside a feudal, towered castle, once, in Troina’s territory, which belonged to Margherita Buglione.

Looks over the Ricchigia, wherein other small churches were and listen to the roar of the Simeto when comes down swollen by the melting of the snows.

The façade with the pyramidal pediment in its rustic and symmetric simplicity, worked as mosaic with small pieces of reddish brick and roof tiles lokks like the demure face of a modest countrygirl; certainly is more poetical than a church adorned with superior marbles and architecturally sumptuous. I think it dates to the XIII century.

Over the door lintel, sculptured in a square tile of white stone there is written: Ecclesiastic immunity does not apply here. During those iron times this little church didn’t enjoy the right of sanctuary for criminals.

Casale di Placa Bajana (Bronte)The shelter was safer in the castle jail, of which can still be seen the gates.

“The church has on its front a square 54.13 meters long and 13.80 meters wide. Has only one marble altar dedicated to the Annunciation.

The picture seems work of the XVI century. It shows Our Virgin Lady greeted by the Angel, above there is the Eternal Father, surrounded by small cupids; below is the Archangel Gabriel; a cherub offers a lily to the Virgin, that looks like a mature girl.

The S. Michele statue, titular of the church, when the hamlet joined Bronte in 1692, was brought in the Main church and placed in a niche alongside the chapel of the SS. Sacramento.

Next to the church there is a small cemetery. Having been Placa Bajana a hamlet of Bronte, the archpriest is also the parish priest of Placa Bajana.

Up to 1720 many deceased were still buried in this cemetery and that makes us suppose that even after the union many settlers stayed there.

On the church’s bell, not used for over 3 centuries to call the faithful anymore, can be read the date of 1631 and the name of D. Ferdinando Toledo, marquis of Floresta, baron of Placa. The church is used now as a storehouse”.


Casale di Placa Bajana (Bronte)

This is what remains of the church’s ancient lava stone portal, torn off and stolen by  the usual “well known” during the night.  In other images: the S, Michele on a drawing of 1860, the large square in the front and a panoramic view of the hamlet.

The door of the old Casale prison and on the right the statue of St. Michael the Archangel preserved in the Mother Church.

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Translated by Sam Di BellaITALIAN VERSION

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